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How it works Buy for me Ship for me. July 21, at 3: Usually the free shipping method is offered and the costs of shipping are already calculated into the products price. September 14, at 7:

Source quality products Made in China. Find reliable China Suppliers,Manufacturers,Factories,Wholesalers & Exporters on the leading B2B e-commerce website
As China’s largest ecommerce platform by revenue, offers a world-class set of online shopping services to its legion of users, who now number close to million in total. listed on the NASDAQ in May in the exchange's biggest flotation of that year. - the most professional China C2C market place in English version. is the world's largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy any items from China C2C ecommerce stores.
As China’s largest ecommerce platform by revenue, offers a world-class set of online shopping services to its legion of users, who now number close to million in total. listed on the NASDAQ in May in the exchange's biggest flotation of that year.
DinoDirect is a wholesale online shopping store supplies clothing, electronics, mobiles, computers & gadgets from China with free shipping worldwide.
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Not to bad until recently. They are liers, wrong and false advertisement. Simply steal your money. AliExpress have become robbers. After buying from them for years lots of items and lots of Dollars, suddenly they locked my account and they would not tell me why.

I chatted with them 4 times and they all sweet talk to me and promised me to fix the situation, but no luck. I think it is time to tell them to go to hell. DX and lightinthebox are among the best sites, I bought items from them and I recommended it. I once had a delay with DX but when I complained to them within a week I received my items.

Can someone please recommend. Thank you a good site that does drop shipping as I have my own online store. Same prices that are on eBay or Amazon now, some of the sites are even higher. Those sites use to be cheap but not anymore. DHL , some seller put their price very low and add a very high shipping cost. Not recommended Online shop, except you have time to compare the price from each seller and find the best one.

Aliexpress is a reliable website. I have ordered many things from this website and so far was very satisfied. From Any of these websites I refuse to buy anything as long as they live in a country where they torture the most friendly animal on earth: The dog is an animal who is humans best friend. Dogs save lives of humans and they help the blind. Actually, if you read the Bible, it says that mankind was given power over all of the animals with a responsibility to take care of them.

Animals are not meant to be idolized. We are responsible for taking care of them, yes, but we were given power over them because they are meant to be a food source, not a best friend. As a Chinese, i find your comment full of ignorance and stupidness, while at the same time i feel offended by how people believe everything they see in internet. Please refrain yourself from believing everything you see, use your brain a bit and think things a bit more. That was until I saw it for myself.

And when I asked my in laws from China they admitted that it does go on.. They just keep it well hidden. A Chinese restaurant here in NYC was closed in the early 90s because they found skinned cats hanging in the back of a freezer , the excuse their defense was… It was for their own condoms and was not selling the meat to the customers.. Plus I saw the chows in the market in rural China the sell dog for meat. Do you refuse to buy from companies in countries where they eat beef, pork and chicken?

This is the same problem I had. Aliexpress is slow in solving problem. I am looking for other sites to shop. Please let me know and how much the price? Because I want replace my Asus cellphone to be Xiaomi. Try Banggood, reasonable price, good customer service.

I have claim several damage goods buy from them and they pay the claim just with send them picture or video of the damage goods, claim settle just day Very worth to try online shop. They are helpful and ships out items quite quickly, i spent over usd in this shop. Yes, I also have pleasant buying experience with Banggood. They all are Genuine Products.

Can use their Mobile App too. Also please always make payment through PayPal! TinyDeal was the first site from this list that I used. I use to recommend them to everyone looking for smartphones and other items. Their prices are lower than some of the other sites listed. However I had a problem with one of my orders. Now, I must of place 10 orders over the years. The problem I had was the tracking on the shipment said it never left the country for about two months.

I told Tiny Deal my problem but they refused to refund or reshipped. I told them I would do a charge back but they ignored me. After I did the chargeback I was banned from ordering anything from their site. The above sites are mostly about dresses and electronics. Almost all online shopping platform start to prepare for it. Such DHgate, aliexpress etc. Of course, Agreetao taobao agent too. Agreetao suggest many kinds of Halloween supplies,mask,costume,decorations.

More details please click http: Good online shopping stores. Here one more good taobao online shopping, Largest online shopping market in china. Taotao agent-Agreetao, china ebay. My friends who is in japan told me that is a good taobao agent. All of them are very kind. And we are also welcome you to visit our website http: Our taobao agent Agreetao will give best service to every customers.

My friend told me that agreetao is a good taobao agent. She had bought lots of products from agreetao to Japan. Have you verified the website with respect to fraud? Lots of people have bought products from these websites, of course they are real online shops. For I am an english teacher in Nanyang Technological University which located in Nanyang city,china,i have gone to their store No.

The products are original and brand new and works well in USA. We are all very satisfied with them. Can I have your contact so you can help me in buying and shipping. I will be looking forward to working with you.

HI, Iam living in china for 3 years now, I can help you in buying and shipping goods from China to anywhere. Contact me vitesatisfait yahoo. If you want t buy Cheap Chinese stuff, have a look at http: Their prices are too high. Pls direct me to another supplier. We buying from china with regular bases,and we tried maybe 5 mail forwarding companies but we stayed with Tip Trans,. You can compare prices at: Hi,shopattao is a great taobao agent that can help you solve all of the problem buy from china, and the price will surprise you.

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When they arrive, we inspect them and change the item status into arrived. You select the arrived items, choose a shipping method and pay. We check the weight and ship your package. After arrival you sign for the parcel By leaving a review you can earn points. Do you want to use our service now? Or do you need to learn more? This chart is only for 1 kg. For a more detailed freight, please use the Cost Calculator.

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Taobao buying agent in English and International Shipping from China Taobao FOCUS specializes in providing shopping and shipping services from Taobao in English. As a professional Taobao agent, we help you buy all kinds of products offered at incredibly low price from China's biggest domestic online shopping website. Top 20 Chinese Online Shopping Websites in English Chinese online shopping websites are attractive for shoppers from all over the world for great variety and constantly updated product list. The costs of shipping in China is very cheap. As China’s largest ecommerce platform by revenue, offers a world-class set of online shopping services to its legion of users, who now number close to million in total. listed on the NASDAQ in May in the exchange's biggest flotation of that year.